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Are you looking for a suitable cover for your novel? Then you have come to the right place!

No matter whether it’s crime, fantasy or love story, with our professional motifs we not only help you to find a beautiful cover that also arouses the right emotions and attracts the attention of your readers.
In the BookCoverStore you have the choice of a lot of cover designs for all common genres and every week new motifs are added.

If you have individual wishes, we can also realise them. Just select the “customised” option in the shopping cart and we’ll make your sky turn pink or green and even unicorns are possible.

Due to our years of experience we know exactly what is important to get noticed in the multitude of releases, be it an e-book or a conventionally printed book in stores.

Send us your order and we will assemble your author name and book title as soon as possible, all for a fixed price and without hidden costs.
Click through – We look forward to your request.

You have questions? Here you will find some answers …

When will I get my covers?

As soon as you have sent us your order with your personal details, we will get started.
You will receive the design after 2-3 working days by email to the email address you have provided.

What are the differences between an e-book and a printed book?

An e-book is an electronic, digital book and can only be read on e-book readers or with special software on PCs, tablets or smartphones.
The work to design an e-book cover is less for us because we only create the cover for you – unlike a printed book.
With a traditionally printed book you not only need a cover but also a spine and a back design which we have to customise individually.
If you want to create a hardcover, the flaps will be added. Sounds a bit complicated, but we support you with our know-how so that you get a perfect result. If you need help here, choose the option ‘complete envelope’ in the store, the additional costs will be shown straight away.

Is the cover design exclusive?

The design connected with your title and your name is certainly unique. However, we sell the motif several times if requested from other countries and markets. For your country the coverdesign is exclusive after purchase. If someone from your country is interested in this motif, they would need to have something relevant changed.

Can I cancel my order?

As soon as you have received the adapted data from us, your order is binding and cannot be cancelled.

May I continue to use my cover design?

Contrary to widespread opinion, works are always protected by copyright on the internet, even without a copyright notice. Whether online or offline, copyright law protects the relationship between the author (the BookCoverStore) and his work (in this case your cover) regardless of the medium.

However, we grant you a comprehensive right of use for the purchased motif: We will provide you with the cover motif for your book for use in your book market unlimited in time. You can use the motif within this spatial space for all types of output, i.e. publish an e-book as well as a paperback or audio book etc. with the cover. You can even use the motif for advertising material such as print coffee mugs or t-shirts. But note: the motif must not be changed under any circumstances.

What happens if I lose my cover data?

If you cannot find your cover data, please send us a short mail. We will archive your design for a certain period of time.
We are working on being able to provide you with the data permanently once you have created an account.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Here you can find our Terms & Condition